A Wemma Edition Trailer: Yay or Nay?

[Gwyneth Paltrow] was really delightful. She brought Apple; she was friendly with everyone.

Matthew Morrison would sometimes use me as “Wiki-Brad,” like, for the stupidest things, and eventually I realized, “They’re—they’re punking me.”

Matthew would say, “Gwyneth, are we doing your number today?” And she’d say, “Ah, yes. Why is it called a number; do you know, Matthew?” And Matthew would say, “Well, let’s ask Brad.” And I’d go into a diatribe about Wagner opera versus Mozart, and they were called “number operas,” and I’d look up and I’d see they were kind of laughing.

She was sweet.

Brad Ellis, responding to a question about Gwyneth Paltrow’s times guest starring on Glee. (via showthemwhat)

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"Most of the time it takes a lot of takes; it doesn’t matter if it’s Celine Dion or Lea Michele or whoever it is. We do lots of takes and we pick the best ones from each section. But there are times where one take is magic and we roll with it. I think I remember a Kristin Chenoweth song with Matt Morrison—can’t remember which one it was, from Season 1 or 2—that was a one-take special."
Adam Anders, answering the question, “Has anyone ever sung perfectly the first time through, or does it take many takes to get the song just right?” (via showthemwhat)

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